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    Your holiday is the first choice

We have private bamboo forests, boundless swimming pools and wide lawns.
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Guest Room
The bamboo, the mountain, the tea, the day no shade landscape.
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Delicious food
Adhere to the maximum selection of local fresh ingredients.
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Stay away from the city and still enjoy the comfort.
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About Anadu

Anadu is located in the North foothills of the Mogan mountains in Huzhou, Zhejiang. The slope yard covers an area of 30000, with a view of the beautiful village of Chen moraine, the South overlooking the Lantau Peak, Dagangshan, the white tea hillside on the west, the bamboo grove in the north, the camphor leaves in the south, and the 6 rooms surrounded by the only 6 rooms. Anadu has a private bamboo forest, a limitless pool, a wide lawn and an open kitchen with top facilities. A custom and housekeeping service allows you to live with your family and friends in a limited period of holiday and stay away from the city.

Fine dining

Anadu provides delicacy and international delicacy for guests. In the comfortable restaurant in Anadu one, the professional chef uses the Anadu park to produce all kinds of delicacies, make guests taste the local flavor, and the hotel supplies international food, the world is delicious, and the Chinese and western delicacies are enjoyed by the Anadu chef team.

Wonderful moment

  • Private Party

    Beside the pool, candlelight, fire, and his most intimate friends or dance steps, or wine carnival, or sit down and talk. Anadu provides the most beautiful night scenes, the most kind of food and the most heroic wine list, making your party free from formal restraint, unfettered by the environment, and undisturbed by outsiders.


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  • Anniversaries of important events

    Experience the intimate housekeeping service with the closest family. According to your information, we will make a special arrangement for the living room and dining room to make every detail a good memory in the future.


    From Shanghai

  • Company conference

    The restaurant can warm up the round table or long table banquet, and all kinds of tea breaks in the meeting, so as to ensure the smooth progress of the conference and activities. The whole park is closed to the outside world, allowing your business activities and high-level meetings to proceed smoothly without being disturbed by others.

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    From Zhejiang

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Reservation phone: +86 15902111158
Guest service phone: 0572-6038100
Anadu Shanghai headquarters: Yanping Road No. 135, B building 3 floor 346
Anadu address: Zhejiang city of Huzhou province Changxing County Chen Ping Zhen Qi Cun Chen line three
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